Lisbon and Leaders

Part 3 – Lisbon it was then, ferried with over 300 strange and fairly sober Brazilians and the rest of us even stranger and perhaps not so sober to a fancy hotel in the centre of Lisbon. It could have actually been Lisburn for all that mattered, 5:30am and I really didn’t give a sh*t where we were, I was just happy to land and even happier that there was a bed and a shower waiting for me. ¬†Although still no change of Jo Monks, turning them inside out was looking like a good option at this point. lisbonface I had a great sleep albeit just 5 hours worth, although that is a good nights sleep for me, so things didn’t seem so bad far. Unfortunately missed breakfast so myself and Chris and a new friend Katrina from Aston Trust took a leisurely saunter out to see Lisbon, we had about 5 euros between us, courtesy of Chris, so he bought us all a coffee alfresco..very cosmopolitan.

Then the phone call from the Fight For Peace team came through, there was a flight to Rio at 1pm, if we moved fast BA would have us on it. Superb, we moved fast and tried to assemble the group, the leader emerged, Chris. He was calm, collected and had the right temperament to get us organised. Now here is where the next series of craziness erupted. We all grabbed taxis and raced to the airport, we made it, so happy, well most of us were.

There we met the BA rep..probably the most unhelpful, excitable, ignorant rep you could imagine, her line to take was more BA Baracus than BA Airlines, luckily I recorded her for the claim,

she just wasn’t letting us on the plane as she was “too busy”.

Chris did well to keep his head, especially when one of our own started to rant and rave at Chris for basically getting him out of bed..really WTF, but this was a sign of things to come and was already evident in some behaviour at the airport. More on that in part 4, as this kind of behaviour really, really made it hard to dispel the myth that those of us involved in combat sports are aggressive, macho types who get their way through strong arm tactics and frightening all those around them. I mean really I couldn’t be more camp if I tried;)

So Back to the Hotel we went tail between the legs, seriously pished off and now an atmosphere because some misplaced anger had added to the misery. But we had a flight to Sao Paulo booked that evening and if all went to plan Rio awaited…a day or two later.

Part 4  Favelas, Fights and Food!